Safety & Training


“Safety First, Last And Always”

         At Cavanaugh Electrical, our focus is on safety. From the office to our warehouse, straight through the jobsites, we implement safety procedures to ensure that all individuals understand & are aware of the critical importance of working safe. Our company is only as strong and successful as the individuals that comprise the team; therefore, the safer we work as an organization, the stronger end results we will all have as a part of this company.
        Cavanaugh mandates that all jobsites are “gloved” projects to prevent and/or reduce the likelihood of potential hand injuries from occurring. In addition, all field employees must wear hard hats, safety glasses, and face shields (when cutting or grinding). Our company  relies on a “safety culture”; this created by teamwork & employees who lead through implementation on our projects . This culture is evident in our employees, as they continue to lead by example. Recent examples include: our site safety officer reviewing tie-off & aerial lift inspection reports, a double-check on a fellow employee’s fall protection, a pre-task assessment follow-up review, a lockout/tagout walk-through, and our employees actively particpating in our weekly site safety meetings.

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) demonstrates our commitment to safety driven results:
2009-2010      .829
* 2008-2009      .818
* 2007-2008      .828
* 2006-2007      .686
* 2005-2006      .869

As a member of the IBEW & NECA, our employees and management personnel are given the opportunity to participate and complete numerous formal safety training, as well as, employee must be 100% committed to Cavanaugh’s Safety Policy (examples listed below):

* OSHA 30
* Confined Space Training
* Scaffolding Training Program
* Aerial Scissor & Boom Lift Training (Cavanaugh is a JLG certified train-the-trainer)
* Forklift & Telehandler Training (Cavanaugh is a JLG certified train-the trainer)
* Coyne Basic Life Support & First Aid Training
* Lockout/Tagout Program
* Cavanaugh Personnel Trained on Pre-Task Assessments and/or Jobsite Analysis Forms
* Fall Protection (Cavanaugh mandates a 100% fall protection on all aerial lifts)
* Assured Grounding Program On All Extension Cords and Tools
* Site Productivity Audit training (Cavanaugh Completes on a Weekly Basis)